Women's Muay Thai Classes and Fitness

Nowadays there are more women who practice and joined Muay Thai classes for several reason and mostly not only to learn self defense, but to improve their body figure as well.

It is a highly physical sport which brings about a lot of training and body conditioning. With just a couple of sessions, you can already see and feel the difference with your body. This is why a lot of women are so into it because of the physical benefits that it offers such as weight loss, improved stamina, flexibility and discipline. Fascinated about the sport and sets interest in trying it out? Well then let me share you some tips to help prepare yourself for your first Muay Thai classes.

Let’s start with doing cardio exercises a couple of weeks before your first Muay Thai Classes.

It is very important to warm up your muscles and have your body get used to being pumped up especially if you’re not exercising regularly. Several and simple cardio exercises such as running, jogging and biking is not really highly compulsory but of course, exercising and having a good cardio training beforehand can really go a long way. You’ll find Muay Thai classes much easier and you won’t end up gasping for air every time.

Another preparation for Muay Thai classes is watching related videos. There are a lot of videos and other resources online from YouTube to Muay Thai websites.

Acquiring some idea of what the martial art sport really is or knowing the nature of the sport Muay thai classes as it is, makes you learn it quicker and be aware of it more. Above and beyond, it’s very important to know what you’re involving and getting yourself into. At least you still have time if you want to back out. No, just kidding.

And lastly, start slowly. Don’t be such a bragger and try to learn everything in just one session. It is very important to be aware of even with the basic techniques first and learn how to properly execute them. This way, you can train more efficiently and progressively.

It is best to learn and master the basics during your Muay Thai classes before you move on to the more complicated techniques.

Be patient and don’t give up. Muay Thai classes is a highly physical sport so it can really be quite exhaustive and physically demanding. There will always be a point wherein you want to give up for the feeling of discontentment or disappoinments, maybe because you find it too hard or you can’t carry out the moves properly or you’re too exhausted to even lift your arm. Always inculcate this into your mind setting, don’t give up. Results will only come if you’re being consistent taking it one day at a time, but don’t stop. However, again Muay Thai is not a compulsory sport, it’s very important to not push yourself beyond your body’s capability.

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