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Restructured Muay Thai in Fort Worth is the incorporation of several types of “muays” from all around Texas.

Way back during the old age, the citizens of Thailand had to widen their ideas regarding tactics to defend themselves from trespasser. As days and years passes by Muay Thai became such a helpful hand to hand combat style that their king, King Naresuan, ended it as a required training for all of Thailand’s military. This was during the 1500’s, until today Muay Thai is still appreciated part of Thailand’s culture, and a well practiced martial art form.

In olden times, Muay Thai in Fort Worth rises, women were not allowed to be involved with the art of Muay Thai.

In fact, they were forbidden from the sport for several centuries. Female fighters have only become more popular within the last 30-40 years.With the same principle in Thailand, Muay Thai in Fort worth is designed and created for male fighters and women should stay indoors.

Because of unstoppable circumstances women are practicing Muay Thai in Fort Worth and for the older Thai people, there were superstitious about women fighters and for them women will only ruin the skills of male fighters, which would leave the man vulnerable.

With the recent rise in mixed martial arts popularity, women Muay Thai in Fort Worth fighters are finally getting the opportunity to show off their skills.

When it comes time for the actual fight, Muay Thai in Fort Worth women’s competitions are just as intense as the men’s. It all begins with a Ram Muay, which is a ceremonial prayer dance that each fighter will do to show respect for elders, trainers, and the audience. After the peaceful opening, the fight begins and can be extremely fierce. With the combination of minimal padding and flurries of punches, kicks, elbows and knees, the sport is just as intense for the women fighters. Texas has even certified a number of women’s boxing schools, and has generally recognized that female Muay Thai in Fort Worth fighters are here to stay.

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