Why Should I Muay Thai?

Why should you Muay Thai? So many good reasons exist for studying or practicing Muay Thai it is very difficult to understand why there aren’t more people doing it.  Muay Thai training can help get you in the best shape of your life, help you build your confidence and protect you in dangerous situations, and can serve as a stepping stone into the exiting and rapidly evolving world MMA.

Muay Thai is the ancient combative art of the Siamese (Thai) army.  It is known as the art of 8 limbs for its innovative use of feet, elbow, hands and knees to fight and defend.  Older forms also included head-butts but those are no longer allowed in regulation matches.  It enjoyed several centuries of great popularity and public praise in its home country before sailing across the ocean to America on the sails of Mixed Martial Arts.  Since that time it has been one of the most widely studied and respected martial art forms on the planet today.

Because Muay Thai uses a vast array of different strikes, movements and steps, as well as a sort of stand up grappling with clinching and choke holds, the training involved in it uses every single muscle in your body.  Even muscles you’ve never felt before will burn like fire when you first start training.

It also has huge benefits for cardiovascular and pulmonary health.  The unrelenting mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises involved in any class or training session will force your heart and lungs to work like a couple of accountants at the peak of tax season and leave you moving oxygen around your body with more efficiency and regularity than you have ever felt before.  Your muscles will have more of what they need than they ever have before and you will be left looking and feeling like a god or goddess.

Everyone knows there is nothing better for your self confidence than regular martial arts training.  And a powerful and effective martial art like Muay Thai is better than most.

After a few weeks or a month or more of training, after you begin to see yourself improving more and more rapidly, you will begin to feel the first waves of real accomplishment.  You aren’t just talking about being involved in martial arts, you aren’t just imagining, you are actually doing it.

And if you do the leg work and the searching to dig up a really excellent Muay Thai academy like the one at Peak Performance Martial Arts in Keller, Texas, that feeling is not that far away or difficult to reach.

With good instruction from certified “Khru” or full instructors can give you a strong grasp of the fundamental concepts underlying the art of Muay Thai so that you can understand them and build your skills on a strong foundation.  And with a strong foundation you will make greater gains faster and you will have a greater ability to hold on to what you have learned.

And let’s not forget that Muay Thai wins ultimate fighting championships, it could really help you out when that punk asks for your wallet.

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