Why is Muay Thai so Popular

With all of the different martial arts styles out there that people could be studying, why are so many people so interested in Muay Thai? What happened to Kenpo and Tae Kwon Do, or Kung Fu and Judo? Where are all the fresh young boxers and wrestlers? What in the world is it about Muay Thai that everyone is finding so appealing?

A big part of Muay Thai‘s unprecedented rise to international super popularity may have something to do with the popularization of mixed martial arts or MMA. These almost anything goes matches pit fighters from different disciplines against each other to see which art will come out on top. As every martial art has some holes in its glossary of techniques these different styles inevitably began to fuse with each other, thus the “mixed” martial arts.

Since the early days of MMA Muay Thai has always put forward some of the strongest contenders in contests like the UFC, this lead to a lot of people who were interested in the contests and tournaments to take interest in and start paying attention to Muay Thai. This probably lead to the initial boom in the popularity of Muay Thai.

Another important factor may be cinema. Cinema got the U.S. interested in Kung Fu and Karate back in the 70s with all of the Buce Lee films and other action films out of Hong Kong. Americans have been in love with eastern martial arts ever since. Muay Thai’s big name films are those starring the Thai Muay Thai master, Tony Jaa.

His breathtaking stunts and fight sequence have been captivating audiences for years and bringing attention to the beautiful and ancient art of Muay Thai. His style and technique are amazing to see and in many ways he is one of the best martial artist movie stars on in the history of film.

But that only explains how and why people outside of Thailand might know about Muay Thai, it doesn’t say anything about why the keep choosing to study it instead of all the other and more well known martial arts.

But that question is probably the easiest of all to answer. People flock by the hundreds to certified Muay Thai academies like the one at Peak Performance Martial Arts in Keller, Texas, because Muay Thai is fun, it’s exciting, and it’s effective in the ring or on the street, and because it is so effective integrated into an MMA strategy.

Muay Thai offers a ferocious and dynamic workout with every training session and sparring match and will keep you interested and excited.

Muay Thai was developed for the Thai army, not as a sport. But because it’s healthy and useful, peaceful people studied it to and it became a sport. But the techniques still possess all of the devastating effectiveness of the battle proven style of the ancient Siamese and can keep you safe in a ring or in a dark alleyway.

Muay Thai is great for people who love self defense and combat, or even those just looking for some good exercise. Why don’t you give it a try?

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