Which Martial Art For Your Children In Keller?

Which Martial Art For Your Children In Keller?

There are lots of different martial arts to choose from. When looking for martial arts for your children, you need to look for the most well rounded martial art. You have what’s called reality self-defense and hypothetical self-defense. Unfortunately with a lot of martial arts, most of the self-defense they teach kids is hypothetical. What I mean about hypothetical is the kids practice with the air. They don’t get to actually apply the technique to the person to feel what real human resistance feels like to help them learn self-defense faster and be more technical.
Which Martial Art For Your Children In Keller?

When you look at stand up only martial arts; boxing, kick boxing, karate, Kung Fu, Tae kwon do, as a parent you have to ask yourself what happens if a bully knocks my kid down? What do you learn in Tae kwon do or karate to deal with that? The answer is nothing, it’s like being a fish out of water. If you’re really good on your feet and you end up get knock to the ground, you can’t defend yourself. On the other hand, you have the grappling only arts, you have brazilian jiu jitsu, jiu jitsu, and sambo. Martial Arts where the whole technique is learned on the ground. If can’t get the person to the ground and you’re in a self-defense situation or you’re kids get bullied and they can’t take the kid down and the other kid just beats them up on their feet.

These are question that parents need to ask them self when looking for martial arts. What is gonna to teach my child the best self-defense and the answer really is makes mixed martial arts. Some people partly think crazy for saying this; thinking of the UFC and things like that. What other martial arts will prepare a child, teen or teenager and adult. What other martial arts will prepare them to defend themselves in the real life situation like that. You have to be able to defend yourself on your feet, defend yourself on the clinch and defend yourself on the ground. You can’t defend yourself on all three of those then can you really defend yourself? You really have to ask yourself that.

From my opinion as a parent of two children, they need to know everything. Stand-up, clinch, grappling and if they don’t I feel like a failure as a parent. Because if something were to happen to my child who is only doing a grappling martial art or a child who was only doing a stand up martial art and they were not able to defend themselves. I would be really disappointed in myself as a parent and that’s why my children learn mixed martial arts. They’re super well-mannered and they don’t look for fights, but I wanna know and have the piece of mind that my child can defend themselves in the three ranges of combat. To me that is the most important thing. So that’s my summary for which martial art for your children or child. Make sure you do research, check out some different martial arts and with the development of mixed martial arts schools, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised as a parent to see how safe the learning environment is but also how it is the most effective martial art for children.  Give us a call at 817-614-9325 to check us out and get 30 days free!

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Which Martial Art For Your Children In Keller?


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