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In response to MMA becoming so popular, many MMA gym‘s have popped up throughout the country for people to come train in the most exciting and hard core area of martial arts in the world.

Aside from training practices, MMA gym‘s follow the same guidelines as other martial arts training facilities.

The students must have respect for each other and their instructor, as well as for the gym and the sport as a whole. If a student has any open wounds, no matter how small, they have to be covered before the training session starts. All those training have to be hygienic. This is really important since they are in close proximity with others and no one wants to smell the body odor of others; especially when the others are wrapped around them! Sparring is unacceptable with new trainees or those who are weak from injury or sickness as this is unfair. And finally, no food, drinks, gum or street clothing is allowed during training. This shows disrespect and will not be tolerated.


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