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With the popularity of mixed martial arts you are starting to see more and more teenagers make the transition to mixed martial arts versus regular team sports like football, baseball etc. There’s a big difference between team sports and individual sports like mixed martial arts. Growing up I played all different team sports but I never got the positive life changing experiences from those that I got from mixed martial arts. Mixed martial arts improved my life in so many ways giving me more self-esteem, more self-confidence and teaching me how to deal with problems and just making me a better person.

In this age where bullying has become an epidemic, mixed martial arts can be the edge that teenagers need just to survive high school.  The benefits of mixed martial arts go on and on but your biggest ones are going to be boosting your self-esteem making the kids more confident about themselves especially at a time in their life when it’s really hard and they are just trying to fit in.  Boosting their self-defense skills so when someone tries to bully them or even start a fight they have the confidence that they have the self-defense skills to protect themselves. This is going to stop a bully from bothering them to begin with and help end this bullying epidemic that were facing. The biggest thing as I have seen with mixed martial arts is setting goals and reaching them. Teenagers come in with the goal of reaching their black belt. There not going do that in a couple years, it going to take them a while but on the road to getting their black belt they are going to become such a better person, more confident and able to reach their dreams.

When you look at it teen mixed martial arts is one of the most positive activities for a teenager and also help them to avoid peer pressure. So don’t overlook teen mixed martial arts just because of the violence of the UFC back 20 years ago, now it’s a regulated sport with rules and the ability for the teenager to eventually become a professional athlete if they choose to but 99% will just do teen martial arts to learn self-defense, gain confidence and just be an all around better person.

So check out the mixed martial arts schools in your area make sure it’s a reputable school. Find how long they been in business, if their head instructor is a black belt, if they have any coaching experience at the highest level or are they just a fly by night start-up gym.  Then when you go check out the school interview the instructor, interview the students and have your teenager try a class to see what they think. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at all the benefits your teenager will get through mixed martial arts training.

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