MMA: How much is it worth?

MMA is the talk of the town these days with schools popping up all over the place.  Fighting in MMA tournaments or sparring in club is becoming as common a part of people’s lives as bicycling or jogging.  It may very well replace baseball as the favorite weekend past time for a lot of guys around the country.

But with all of these MMA schools and people claiming to have the best facilities and the best methods, and some charging hefty prices for them you have to ask yourself: how much is MMA worth to you?

This question shouldn’t be taken lightly.  There are many people charging huge sums of money that don’t have the credentials and experience to expect that sum of money for their services, and some schools that offer first rate facilities and the best possible instruction and coaching for very reasonable prices.

Before you decide to pay a huge amount of money on MMA training go and visit the gym; check out the equipment, watch some of the members train.  Talk to some people and see what you think.

You want to make sure that it has the kind of environment and people that suit you.  You don’t want to join an MMA club that’s full of angry egos bravado you’ll just end up frustrated and disillusioned.  There should be a healthy atmosphere; MMA is not about breaking bones and crippling people.  It’s a full contact sport.

And of course you want to check the instructor’s background out and make sure that they are worth the fee.  What ranks do they hold in what martial arts? The more varied their classical training background is the more effective their training will be due to the broader range of techniques and strategies to draw upon.

A good MMA coach should also have lots of experience in the ring; as much experience as possible in larger more competitive MMA tournaments as a fighter and just as importantly as a coach to fighters.  This is the only way they will be of any use to you in developing your skills for fighting in tournaments or just the gym.

Don’t commit to any long term program.  Buy the smallest number of lessons possible and see how it works for you.  It’s possible the gym isn’t right, it’s too far from home, it’s impossible to work into your schedule, you don’t like the environment, the coach is lousy or anything else and you’ll just want to quit.

There are, however, some really excellent MMA gyms like Peak Performance Martial Arts in Keller, Texas, that offer a free trial period for new members. They may offer anywhere from a few weeks to a month or two’s worth of classes free or with a money back guarantee.  This way if you find out that this MMA is not for you, or the gym and coaching are not what you want, you can just leave and no one gets hurt.  But any school that would offer that kind of guarantee is bound to be good; so if you quit, MMA just wasn’t your thing.

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