MMA Health Benefits

If you are thinking about getting in shape, really getting in shape, MMA might actually be a great part if not the bulk of your workout routine.

This may seem counterintuitive.  We tend to think of getting in shape as involving lots of running and lifting weights, not kicking and wrestling.   Now, of course no MMA training regimen is complete without some running and a little bit of weight training, but there is a whole nother world of exercise going in when you train for MMA with many health benefits.

Strength Training: MMA is fantastic strength training.  Much better in many way than weight training which will emphasize only a small range of muscles and sometimes even eliminate the need for stabilizing muscles, is the kind of dynamic circuit training you will go through when sparring or working out.  The wide variety of movements and muscles used to perform many martial arts techniques will bring almost every muscle in your body into play and give it an exhausting work out.

StaminaMMA is a fantastic way to improve your stamina.  The mix of circuit training and aerobic as well as anaerobic exercises involved in MMA training and good aggressive sparring will push your lungs and heart to their limit and keep them there for at least an hour or two.  And the fact that you have been developing so much good functional muscle and not a lot of bulky water logged weight lifting muscle means that your muscles won’t need as much oxygenated blood.  Combine that with the improved output of oxygen heavy blood at a strong steady pulse and you have a well tuned and efficient machine that can sustain very aggressive activity for a long time without tiring or becoming sloppy.

Better Sleep: MMA can improve the quality of your sleep and the ease with which you find it.  Our everyday lives are filled with countless stress and frustrations.  We have many heavy things always hanging over our heads: finances, health, old age, kids, work, politics and the environment and everything else that shakes our world up.  By engaging in regular exercise you would sleep better anyway.  But MMA offers the unique benefit of sparring.  Sparring is a thing unto itself and high that must be experienced to be truly understood.  By sparring regularly, at least 2 or more times a week you can release most if not all of that crazy, hateful, built up tension.

Better Romantic Life: We’ll be sparse on the details here, but all of those other things we’ve listed have an amazingly positive effect on your ability to get the most out of your romantic encounters.

If you can find a good MMA gym and coaches like those at Peak Performance Martial Arts in Keller, Texas, that offer a free trial of their gym and training session to test yourself in MMA and see if it fits you and is something you’re interested in pursuing seriously, join up and get started today.  It will be the best decision you ever make.

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