MMA Fighting Techniques – Throws | throw

Throws are integral to MMA and are used in a variety of ways. Simplicity is the key as the opponent may strike, clinch or perform a take down at any time.

With this throw the fighter applies an under hook with one hand and holds the opponent’s wrist with the other. The fighter then steps in close with their back and both heels turned towards the opponent. Forward movement of the opponent’s body is then created by pulling on their wrist and maintaining the under hook. The fighter also kicks backwards with their leg just below the hip of the opponent, who then falls over it. Key points:

  • The fighter applies the one-arm under hook and wrist hold.
  • The fighter turns their back and both heels towards the opponent to make the throw easier.
  • The fighter’s kicked-back leg provides the pivot for the opponent to fall forwards, while the under hook and Wrist hold provide the force.
  • The throw can be followed by other moves including the side mount position.


The throw starts in a neutral position with one arm in the under hook and the other over the opponent’s arm. The opponent could also be in the same position. The leg of the fighter, on the side the throw will be executed, steps past the opponent’s feet. The fighter’s body is turned at the same time and the opponent is thrown over the fighter’s hip.

  • Often starts with both competitors in a single under hook where neither has the advantage.
  • The fighter moves their leg past their opponent’s feet turning their hips.
  • The fighter is fully turned, with both feet fairly close together and the knees bent in preparation to lift and pivot the opponent over the hip
  • The opponent is lilted on to the fighter’s hip by the fighter straightening their legs, pulling the opponent over.
  • The opponent is thrown to the floor.

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