MMA Classes and Your Kids

What is “safe” for kids to do in the MMA Classes has been well established over many years.

Kids doing MMA classes don’t do anything that hasn’t been getting done in Karate, Judo and Wrestling classes for years. In fact, they often do less of the riskier aspects. They do not kick to the head and they do not get extra points for high impact throws and takedowns.

A lot of the terrible status MMA gets is the shortness of experience with it, especially at amateur levels and with what actually happens in class. MMA classes are fun, they are safe, and they are in a very extreme workout. Injuries are the last thing that a gym owner will look after, and later than 10 years more of teaching I have yet to see a child with anything close to a serious injury.

Kids training in MMA classes are training with friends, under close supervision.

Safety and self-control are always top priorities in every MMA classes. Deliberately causing injury is not tolerated in training and competition. Athletes are not only responsible for their own, but also their opponents safety. They are required to remain calm and act smartly at all times. Anger and attempts to hurt others do not lead to victory in this sport, they lead to defeat. Instead athletes must develop the ability to remain calm under pressure, to be patient and to act intelligently and strategically and to show good sportsmanship in success and defeat.

As they improve in MMA classes, they learn leadership skills, helping younger and less experienced children with techniques and tactic.

Young children helping others who beat them in training is amazing thing to see, and a great show of humbleness and value. Yet every child that trains in an MMA classes will do it as they gain experience. They will learn to value helping new students and younger students succeed is more valuable than “easy wins”.

To top it all off MMA classes demands a very high standard of physical fitness.

Every muscle is used, from every position and in every direction possible. MMA classesworkout is intense, and in a time of declining physical fitness being involved in fitness program is important for healthy living.

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