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A mixed martial arts workout is not an easy workout routine to put together and there are several reasons for this.

When choosing a MMA workout, there are a few crucial factors to take into consideration. What do you want from your mixed martial arts workout? You want to be able to train hard without putting additional strain on your body and risking injury. Training injuries are very common and almost all of them are completely avoidable.

You want to ensure that you are at peak performance for your MMA training and fights. Remember that this is a science and it is sensible to physically peak at the right time for a fight. On the flip side it is all too common that fighters will end up gassing out in a fight when it is completely avoidable. You want to be able to train hard without gasping for breath. Peak fitness means that you can focus on your MMA training without having to worry about being bent over in a corner trying to catch your breath or not being able to train to the capability level of your skills. A mixed martial arts workout is essential to achieve these goals. You want to be able to train less and achieve more. A successful MMA workout routine does not mean you have to work harder. Chances are you will workout less but your workouts will be intelligently tailored to MMA.

What’s wrong with most of the Mixed Martial Arts Workout routines?

MMA as a professional sport is relatively new and most of the workout routines are rehashed workouts from other sporting codes. Now think about that for a minute… You may be using a workout routine that is designed for boxing for instance… or maybe for football. Does this make any sense? Of course not, MMA and its demands on the body are completely unique to other sports. In fact it is the most demanding sport on the body and if you are using a workout routine which is not suitable it stands to reason that it will not be effective.

What any MMA practitioner needs is a workout routine which is scientifically designed for the sport. You need to have explosive power when required, strength without compromising speed, flexibility, athleticism, cardio as well as speed and accuracy training all within a balanced package. This is what your MMA workout should be about!

So ask yourself are you working out hard or smart? Are you getting what you need out of your current program? Are you peaking for fights or are you fatigued when fight night comes around? Are you brimming with confidence or does your fitness let you down?

We went searching for a genuine mixed martial arts workout and the bad news is most of them were rubbish. In fact most of them actually went against science as they were workouts for other sports which had been re-branded so that someone could make a few bucks out of the fastest growing sport in the world.

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