Looking to defend your self?

Looking to defend your self?

There are alot of Martial Arts forms that claim to help you defend yourself and your family in a life threatening situation.  At the core there are at least some positive elements to all of the different systems. As you are looking into the numerous forms of self defense out there keep a few points in mind.

First, how practical is it? If it requires you to carry a sword or a a few throwing stars in your jacket pocket, maybe it is not the most practical form of self defense out there.

Second, how difficult is it to learn?  A fighting style is only as good as you know it and can apply it to a real world situation. I have heard stories about boxers who spend ten years honing their craft in the ring, and after ten years they get into a street fight and resort to “windmilling” (wildly throwing punches at their opponent with no skill or technique). The martial art has to be simple and fun to learn so that when you need it in the real world, you can rely on your memory to take over.

Lastly, the end game. With some forms of self defense the goal is to gouge your attackers eyes out. Others would prefer you to crush their tracheas. This day and age if someone at a bar or movie theater starts a fight with you over who was in line first and you gouge out his eye and crush his trachea, he is most likely going to sue you and might win.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  is a wonderful way to defend yourself in the real world. It will allow you to control the situation and allows you to determine how far things go.  Eighty percent of all fights go to the ground and that is the world that Jiu Jitsu lives in. When the fight goes to the ground , you will be the one to firmly tell your attacker that you were in line first and he can wait paietently in the back of the line or you will put him to sleep.

Please keep in mind we are in no way condoning or advocating starting fights at the movie theater.  If you are looking for a practical way of defending yourself take a look at our website www.Peakbjj.com and maybe stop by for a free trial class. Learn to defend your self.

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