Little Ninja Belt System -- Kids Mixed Martial Arts

Kids Mixed Martial Arts



Yellow striping for the Beginners class is done at the end of each week, typically on Thursday evenings.

White belts must earn 12 Yellow stripes and pass the Yellow Belt Test in order to earn their Yellow belt and go to the Advanced Ninjas class.


Ranking for Advanced Ninjas are done on the Last Thursday of every month, unless otherwise notified due to holidays. Ninjas MUST know and perform their move without any help from their coach in order to earn their stripe.

Red and Blue Stripes

Red and blue stripes will be given out to both Beginners and Advanced Ninjas on the last Thursday of every month (unless otherwise notified) – Big Stripe day for the Beginner Ninjas and regular stripe day for the Advanced Ninjas

Kids Mixed Martial Arts

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Kids Mixed Martial Arts

Peak Performance Kids Mixed Martial Arts

Kids Mixed Martial Arts

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