Learning Krav Maga For Self Defense

Krav Maga is a hand to hand combat system that involves wrestling, grappling and striking techniques. It was developed in Israel by Imi Lichtenfeld. It is also known as Israeli jujitsu. It was first formulated as a defense tactics for Israeli defense force. Now this art is practiced by various civilians, security agencies, and military official across the world. Punches, basic kicks, strikes using knees and elbows are the major techniques of Krav Maga.

This self defense method is useful for all age groups. The moves are very easy to work out. Simple moves of this art help us to stop moves of the attacker; at the same time it facilitates a smooth escaping also. Intellectual striking methods of this art can be used in real situations. Striking methods of krav maga can use from any position; it is useful to prevent attack from back side.

Crime against women is increasing day by day. So this easy training is a widely accepted self defensive mechanism for women. Age, height, weight etc of the individual is not a problem for learning this art. More than Self defense Krav Maga provides fitness, weight loss, and empowerment. This art teaches Self defense technique to blow the sensitive parts of attacker when you encounter an attack. Trainers during the course of training mimic the real life situations to train the candidates. From the real life examples the trainees may get some ideas on how to analyze and manage various attackers. Learning to manage multiple attackers requires more seriousness, in clubs, public places; we need to manage more than one attacker at time.

Only a few days is required to learn krav maga. Real world fighting method is very simple to understand and simple to learn with in one or two days. After learning the technique the training institutes offers opportunity to reveal what you learned from the course. You will get the chance to show the ability to fight against a trained person from different angle. Full protective dresses will be provided to you for this occasion.

An extensive Krav Maga training offers you an opportunity to practice different weapons like–Hand guns, M-16, paint ball gun, knives, sticks etc. Some institutes even provided self defense tactics to escape from the attacks of militants and suicide bombers. Creating thinking and wise acts are the major motto of this art. In today’s agitated world krav maga meets the requirements of various categories of people.

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