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When you get trained at a self defense school, you will learn the best places to hit your attacker. When you are in a bad situation, there are few precious moments in which you can react and save yourself. This also means that there is only enough time for you to execute a move or two so you better make it good. Before the assailant gets total control of the situation, you have to do all that you can do to injure them enough so you can escape. To do this you should aim for certain areas of the body that are likely to put them out enough for escape to be possible.

The most affective areas of attack include the groin(assuming that that the attacker is a male)  , the eyes, the nose and the knees. No matter which move you throw, you want to be loud and fight back. This can draw attention and attention is the last thing the attacker wants. Whatever you must do to get away, do it. And that is what a self defense school will teach you.

You will learn Self Defense, Gain Confidence, Discipline, and Get in Amazing Shape! We have lots of programs to choose from, please enjoy our website and call us today at 817-614-9325 to set up an appointment for a Free Private Lesson & Consultation to see how we will help you reach your goals!

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