Learn How to Control Opponents on the Ground | Brazilian jiu jitsu

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a form of martial arts that is based upon ground fighting.

In addition to this, it also teaches the student how to do takedowns, improve their ground defenses, learn how to control opponents on the ground and most importantly, how to make someone submit. When speaking of Brazilian jiu jitsu and submission, you learn that submission in this fashion means to cut off your opponents air supply or to lock their limbs so they can no longer put up a fight. These are extremely important in good self defense.

Fighters who practice Brazilian jiu jitsu tend to feel right at home on the ground.

This is especially true when in the guard position. This position requires you to wrap your legs around your opponent’s body so they can be totally subdued. This is one of the many techniques that separate Brazilian jiu jitsu from other forms of martial arts.


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