Krav Maga's Gun Defense | martial arts lesson

Warning: The following information presented should only be used after training adequately with a qualified Krav Maga Instructor and martial arts lesson.

In a gun defense, the main objective is to neutralize both the threat and the gunman.

Perform the technique as quickly and as soon as possible. An opportune time to neutralize the threat at gunpoint is when the attacker’s attention is slightly distracted, such as when he is talking, giving orders, or listening to pleas of mercy.

However, a person who threatens with a gun wishes to achieve something – obtain money, property, move you, or use you as a hostage.

The basic principles that you need to learn with martial arts lesson behind the defensive moves at gunpoint are:

* Defensive action of redirecting and avoiding the line of fire * Controlling the weapon * Neutralizing the gunman by attacking him * Disarming the gunman * Defensive Moves

It is pointed out in Krav Maga martial arts lesson that do not underestimate the aggressor, as he could be a trained gunman. Realize that any pressure on the gun trigger is liable to cause the gun to fire.

Gun defenses are only effective if the gun is within reach. Otherwise, run! The attacker will either be surprised and not fire or chase you in favor of an easier target, or he shoots with a very high probability of missing.

Gain control of the gun during the initial redirection of the line of fire. With one hand, grab the gun or the hand holding it with a firm grip, pressing hard to restrict movement. If you cannot do this, then grab the gun with both hands and kick the assailant hard. Rather than pull the weapon from the attacker’s hand, rotate it to break his hold. Remember the principles Krav Maga martial arts lesson is imposted.

If the threat is behind you, look behind to assess his distance, location, and hand holding the weapon, before acting. This things are more learned during Krav Maga martial arts lesson.

A typical martial arts lesson defensive move at close range is to shoot your hand toward the gun, grab the barrel, rotate the palm to deflect it sideways, and immediately punch with your other hand or kick. Then with the other hand, grab the rear of the gun. Rotate the gun with both hands to pull the gun horizontally and forcefully and retreat backward. This is what the warning wanted to point out, that with enough Krav Maga martial arts lesson you can definitely have the control over the situation.

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