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Kids Martial Arts

 August Life Skill: Friendship!
“Being a good friend”

At Peak, we believe in building Friendships and being a good friend to others. It’s important to have and be a good friend to others, this helps prevent kids from becoming bullies, and will allow them to stand up for themselves, and their friends, when faced with a bully.
One of the many ways that we teach them to be good friends, is through encouragement. Encouraging others when they feel down, having a tough time, or just need a little bit of support is a great way to pick someone up! Saying something as little as, “Good job,” can turn someone’s day around.
Another way to show friendship, is by being friendly. It’s important to be friendly with everyone you meet. Smiling, being cheerful, sharing something, taking an interest in what someone is saying/doing are great ways to be friendly.
Showing respect is another key part of being a good friend. You must show respect to not only them as a person, but also their belongings. Talking down to a friend, breaking or losing their things, being rude or mean to them is disrespectful. Instead, trying building them up through positive thoughts and encouragement, taking care of their belongings if you borrow or use them, and being nice/polite to them.
Finally, at the end of every class, we try to go over what the Life Skill of the month is, and we always have them provide examples. We also assign them simple homework in which they have to share next time in class. By doing this, it causes them to think about the Life Skill more, and not just in class.

Every day in class, we ask them what the Life Skill of the month is (this month it is Friendship), what does Friendship mean, and we ask them in what ways can they show friendship in and outside of class.

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