Kickboxing Classes in Keller and Fort Worth

Our Muay Thai Kickboxing classes in Keller and Fort Worth will get you in shape and keep you motivated while you master new skills!

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At Peak Performance, we have classes for everyone, including beginners of all ages, regardless of gender or previous experience, the finer points of the highly technical Master Toddy style of Muay Thai kickboxing.

For newer students looking for quality kickboxing classes in the Keller and Fort Worth area, rest assured… you can do it! No one starts of moving like you see in the videos, which is why we have classes specifically designed to teach students the core fundamentals of the curriculum. We have had students in their 50s do our classes!

What you don’t need to do is get in shape first! That’s part of our job, and what we are here for! There is no better way to get in shape than doing the real thing. We start everyone out going at a pace that is suitable for them.

What does Master Toddy, top Muay Thai trainer and MMA striking coach for many top UFC fighters, have to say about the training at Peak Performance?

Paul Halme is one of my first American Students to personally travel with me to Bangkok Thailand and receive the status of Full Instructor (Kru) under the M.T.I.A and the Royal Thailand Government.”

-Master Toddy

Now you can try Muay Thai kickboxing classes in Keller, Fort Worth and the surrounding area for FREE by calling 817-614-9325 or Clicking Here today!

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