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Keller Muay Thai

His Success Story:

“I think my story begins with a personal quest to prove to myself that my perseverance and determination would be enough to transform myself into whomever I decided that I wanted to become.  Most people that know me today do not know that I grew up completely unathletic and filled with fear.  I was the chess club, debate team, theater arts, type of nerd that was frequently (as in daily) bullied for really as long as I could remember.  Unlike others, being constantly bullied and often times terrorized motivated me.  That motivation first inspired me to join the Marine Corps as a skinny, weak kid and address my own fears head on.  I did well and challenged myself to run faster, shoot better, and be stronger than every person I could find.  I got fanatical about the gym and gained about 43 pounds of muscle over several years.  After the Marines I went to college and discovered my first MMA gym.  K.O. Sport Gym in Austin, Texas.  These were the ancient days of MMA gyms in which a blue belt was treated like a brown belt of today and basically you learned by surviving.  My first day striking I was invited to spar with one of the instructors and was very nearly knocked out in the second round, I don’t even think I had a mouthpiece yet.  Of course that just fueled my determination.  Within my first few months I was slammed by a guy escaping my triangle choke (the old school way) and it worked…  My shoulder was separated and I had my first of two shoulder surgeries.  Words of wisdom from my coach…  “Man, you should’ve released that triangle…”  I continued my training primarily because I felt that stopping proved every person that ever doubted me on anything as being correct.  So, I persevered.  I was fortunate enough to eventually find my way to Peak Performance MMA.  I have been involved in the martial arts for around 15 years with the last 10 being at Peak.  I feel that my greatest success was using the martial arts as one of several tools to improve every other aspect of my life.  The martial arts now allow me the opportunity to spread my knowledge, experience, and passion to others.”

Keller Muay Thai

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Keller Muay Thai

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Keller Muay Thai

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