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Keller Fitness

Her Success Story:

“My story actually begins on a sad note. I lost my daughter, Brittany, after a 14 month battle with leukemia on December 4, 2009. She was 25. As the primary caretaker I spent the majority of those 14 months in the hospital with Brittany, 24/7, usually sleeping in chairs or on a fold-up couch. After Brit’s death, I was mentally, physically, and emotionally “beat up”. I began a year of counseling and chiropractic care trying to help my body heal. Sometime after, I had the opportunity to meet Justin Blythe and began working with him on the very slow process of “strengthening”. I like to think of it as walking (slowly, I might add) before I could begin running. It was all part of the healing process. I joined a fitness center but found the impersonal environment was not the draw that I needed. Justin and Peak Performance has been instrumental in allowing me to move forward and set as well as, meet personal goals.”


Keller Fitness

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Keller Fitness

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