Facts and Fiction in Martial Arts | martial arts lessons

Before you begin martial arts lessons, you should know the difference between the facts and fictions of the sport.

Fiction: Only adult men should do martial arts because it is such a rough and tumble sport filled with violence.

Fact:  Everyone should give martial arts lessons a try! While men make up the most students, they only beat the women students by 10%. Children, both male and female, are also good candidates for learning martial arts.

Fiction: Women who take martial arts lessons do so to learn basic self defense.

Fact: While some women join a class for this reason, the majority do so because they enjoy the sport and want to compete.

Fiction: People who are overweight should not take martial arts because it would be too hard for them to do the movements.

Fact: Overweight people, though slower starters, do quite well in martial arts. The benefit for them is that the work they do in class can help them lose their weight.

Fiction: Martial arts breeds violence in children.

Fact: Martial arts teaches children that violence is the last resort and to have respect for all living things.

Given all of the facts, martial arts lessons are a good idea for almost anyone!

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